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Handmade Custom Metal Lip Cuff made from shiny mirror stainless steel metal.



Please allow up to 5-7 working days as is handcrafted product made specifically for you!


The size of this Lip Piece is One Size.

(Rough measurements of length and high on the photo attached)

The lip piece can easily adjusted by simply bending the metal hook to fit any size lip from large to small.



Carefully wipe your piece with a dry soft cloth after each wear. Please store in a cool,dry place.



Please use any cleaning wipe to remove fingerprints or for general cleaning.


If you use the silver polishing wipe please use it only on the main piece and not on the parts that goes inside the mouth.


Stainless steel pieces can by hand washed.

Please only use water and no chemicals.

Washing Liquid can be used on the pieces. When rinsed in water and dry immediately after.


For any other inquiries or bespoken orders please contact us.


As of 1 July 2021 due to changes in EU tax laws all items ordered from the European Union countries only will be subject to a VAT and import charge upon arrival in your EU country. This varies depending which country you reside in and is out of our control. The shipping company used will be the one collecting these charges on behalf of your local tax office. Please reach out in advance with any concerns and please factor in the overall cost before purchase. All other countries outside of the United Kingdom where we are based and ship from have there own rules you may already be familiar with about importing online purchases.

Lip Cuff Giant 008XL